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Dr. Fadwa El Said is welcoming patients for her new weight loss program!

Many of us struggle to keep weight off or find the best way to sustain healthy living! Whether it is dietary, food intake, physical activity, or medical reasons, we want to work with you to determine what works best for you.

Our goal is help you reach a healthy lifestyle!

Dr. El Said will provide consultations to review your current lifestyle and advise on changes you can make over the course of a set period to reach your goals. Through follow-up appointments, we can keep track of your progress and determine if these changes are providing a more positive outlook on your health and well-being.

How Do I Get Started?

Initial consultation

Set targets

Follow up


Sarvin Maysami Registered Dietitian

See Our Beautiful Success Stories!

''For a number of years, I was not happy with my weight and how it affected every part of my lifestyle. When I finally decided to make a change, I was introduced to Saxenda. It made such a difference. I have lost over 55 lbs and am looking to lose another 15 to 20 lbs. I am so much more aware of what I eat and how much. The change has made me feel happier and healthier, and I am looking forward to losing the rest of the excess weight to reach my final goal.''

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